Dr. Folse has taught languages for almost 30 years, including courses on:

  • English as a Second Language in the U.S.
  • English study skills at community colleges in the U.S.
  • English as a Foreign Language in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan, and Kuwait
  • Spanish as a Foreign Language in Japan
  • French as a Foreign Language in the U.S.
  • Applied Linguistics for Teachers

At the University of Central Florida, I have taught these courses:
  • TSL 5376 Teaching Reading and Writing - ESOL
  • TSL 5940 TEFL Issues
  • TSL 6142 Critical Approaches to ESOL (curriculum and materials)
  • TSL 6350 Grammar for ESOL
  • TSL 6440 Assessment in ESOL
  • TSL 6540 Second Language Acquisition
  • TSL 6640 Research in Second Language Acquisition
  • TSL 6940 ESOL Practicum (a service-learning course that offers free English conversation classes for the community)

Dr. Folse developed our practicum, TSL 6940, to include an opportunity for our MATESOL students to teach students in our intensive ESL program at UCF, the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Studies.

Dr. Folse has been Invited to teach these courses at other schools:

  • GSL 689 Lexical Approach, St. Michael's College, Summer 2004
  • GSL 575 Teaching Speaking, St. Michael's College, Summer 2004
  • TESL 6013 Modern English Grammar, Arkansas Tech University, Summer 2006, 2007
  • Distinguished Lecturer Series, Temple University Japan, January 2008
  • TSL 5XXX Temple University, Tokyo and Osaka, Winter 2008

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