Good teachers conduct research all the time as they are constantly evaluating their teaching effectiveness and trying to improve it. From early on, I have always been interested in how we learn language. I began foreign languages in high school where I took two years of French and one year of Spanish. In college, I took only one course of Spanish in college (phonetics!) but practiced and kept extensive vocabulary notebooks to improve my Spanish. Eventually, I was able to conduct my MA linguistics thesis research on lexical variants of Spanish spoken in Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. As I taught around the world, I continued foreign language study with Arabic, Malay, German, and Japanese. Some of my most interesting teaching/research observations have occurred while I myself was an adult student learning foreign languages. It is one thing to study about teaching, but it is another to have the opportunity as an adult to become a foreign language student in an actual classroom.

I have published articles on language teaching and my second language research in several journals, including:

  • TESOL Quarterly,
  • CATESOL Journal,
  • TESL Reporter,
  • Language Teacher (JALT),
  • Perspectives (TESOL Arabia),
  • Sunshine State TESOL Journal,
  • TESOL Matters,
  • Nexus,
  • Modern English Teacher.

Recent articles include:

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Retention." TESOL Quarterly 40 (2), 273-293.

Folse, K., and Vitanova, G. (2006). "Sociolinguistic Factors in TESOL: The Very
Least Teachers and Educators Should Know." TESL Reporter 39 (1), 48-58.

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MATESOL Programs in Florida." Sunshine State TESOL Journal 5 (1), 27-38.

Folse, K. (2004). "Myths about Teaching and Learning Second Language
Vocabulary: What Recent Research Says." TESL Reporter 37 (2), 1-13.

Folse, K. (2004). "Limitation of Context Clues in Real-World Comprehension:
A Case Study" Nexus: A Journal for Teachers in Development 7, 1.

Folse, K., and Chien, Y. (2003). Using L2 Research on Multimedia Annotations
to Evaluate CALL Vocabulary Materials. Sunshine State TESOL Journal 2, 25-37

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